Alamea Hawaii

  The early beginnings of Alamea started at small local arts and crafts fairs during the summer of 1991 in Hawaii. We began by selling silver jewelry and hand-made koa wood pendants, and it was at that time we knew we had touched a place in people’s hearts.
  In 1998, our sought after success had finally allowed us to open our first Hawaiian jewelry store in Waikiki. With our flagship store in place, we were able to open a wood crafting factory in 1999, making jewelry boxes and display trays to lay our special keepsakes in. These unique wooden boxes, fused with our custom jewelry, created a product that was exceptional, precious and natural, Alamea sold wood rings.
  Precious is our character, therefore we took the Hawaiian name of Alamea. Our mission became to pull the most stunning elements in nature and craft them into breathtaking symbols of love’. More than twenty years have passed since we first started putting these words into action and they have proven to be the foundation of our success. We have built upon this foundation with the upmost desire to celebrate life’s unforgettable moments at the highest quality and standards.
  ALAMEA solid wood rings are made by using the most exotic woods from all over the world. Including Africa Asia, South America, North America, and of course Hawaii! Every Alamea solid wood ring has it’s own unique color and grain; they are the result the wood’s natural exposure to sun, various in the soil, and climate. All of the wood parts are hand crafted in Hawaii involving many precise steps, and finally using different kinds of precious metals to compete the rings.
  Alamea solid wood rings are extremely durable and can withstand everyday use. Each ring is backed by a lifetime guarantee, and can be passed down through generations as a treasured family heirloom. The unique collection is popular for both men and women.
  Alamea rings are the ultimate blend of fine-jewelry and nature, are sure to make a fashionable statement, and are elegant enough to wear for any occasion.